Add a personal touch to your wedding with stunning signage

Wedding Signs

How to use wedding signage to set the mood and truly make the venue your own

Flowers? Check. Wedding Photographer? Check.

You’ve chosen your venue and now you’re busy working out all the details that will make your wedding day one to remember. But have you thought about using your own wedding signage to brighten up your big day and transform your venue?

Signs are wonderfully practical, letting your guests know where to go and what’s happening, but if you’re creative in your choice of signage, they can be a real expression of your personality, making your day unique and one to remember.

Inform and delight

Perhaps the most popular use of signage is to direct people to where they need to go. From a simple, single arrow pointing out where the ceremony will be held to multi-directional signs that let guests know about all the treats you’ve laid out for them, there’s so much you can do with these signs to make them support your wedding theme.

If you’re having a lakeshore wedding at Avon Rί, you might like to use something with a connection to water for your signs, such as pyrography on driftwood or frame your sign with a garland made out of water lilies or reeds. Alternatively, if you’d like something a little more traditional, you could use signs shaped like a pair of doves or a chapel, which you could later display in your home as a memento of the day.

Be creative

If you want to be inventive with how you display your signs, you could prop them up against hay bales, have them peeking out of a bouquet of flowers or have them held by mannequins dressed in bridesmaid’s outfits.

You can play with words as well. Rather than say “wedding this way”, why not have an arrow pointing to the “I do’s” or the “Happy ever after”? You could even avoid using words completely and instead use pictures to tell people where to go. An outline of a bride and groom or a pair of rings could show where the ceremony is going to be held, while a glass of champagne could indicate the way to the wedding reception.

Display your menu

Don’t feel that you have to be limited to using signs to direct people. You could let your guests know about the culinary delights they’re going to be enjoying by having a sign outside the reception area detailing the menu. You could have miniature versions on each table as well so the diners know what’s coming next.

Calligraphy on a blackboard can create a stunning effect and you can even draw pictures that reflect your wedding theme. On a practical level, you can also use large signs to save money – and paper – to let people know about their bar choices, putting a sign up next to the bar area with your favourite cocktails or drinks you’ve created just for the occasion.

An Order of Service with a difference

Everyone likes to know what’s going to be happening during the ceremony so they can be prepared with their cameras or have their hankies at the ready. Instead of printing out individual Orders of Service, why not hang up a banner by the entrance to the venue or even over the spot where you’re going to be exchanging your vows? A beautifully designed banner can look gorgeous and it’ll give people something to talk about while they wait for the wedding to begin.

There are so many ways you can use signs to enhance your wedding. These are just a few ideas to get your started. If you’re thinking of using signage at your wedding, get in touch with our wedding co-ordinators and we can help you make your ideas a reality!