A simple guide to holding your civil ceremony at Avon Rí

One of the advantages to holding a civil ceremony is that it allows you to personalise your wedding so that it reflects your relationship in a meaningful, moving fashion.

Avon Rí is an approved, licensed venue for civil wedding ceremonies, which means that we’re highly experienced in making sure you’ve done everything you need to ensure your civil ceremony is legally recognised.

Finding a registrar

Only a registrar (civil servant) is permitted to marry couples choosing a non-religious ceremony in Ireland. You can find details of our local registrars at http://www.civilregistrationservice.ie/

Since 2013, secular ceremonies officiated by The Humanist Association http://humanism.ie/ have also been granted legal status if you would prefer a humanist ceremony or you may prefer to use another non-denominational celebrant to preside over your wedding.

You will need to provide a minimum of 3 months’ notice to your chosen registrar, although in some cases, you may find that your preferred date has already been taken. Registrars are in high demand and are frequently booked up months in advance, so if you need someone to come to Avon Rí, we recommend you allow plenty of time.

Civil ceremonies can only be held on a weekday, i.e. Monday – Friday, and Avon Rí has put together a fantastic midweek wedding package to allow for that.

Meeting  your registrar

Once you’ve chosen your registrar, you will need to make an appointment with him or her to confirm your intention to marry and give them your 3 months’ notice. You can also do this online at www.crsappointments.ie.

When you meet with the registrar, you will need to bring with you both your passports, birth certificates, evidence of divorce if you’ve been married before, death certificate if you’re a widow/er, PPS number and the required fee. There may be additional fees for marrying in a venue away from the registry office. You’ll also need to confirm the date of your wedding, your chosen venue and the names and dates of birth of your two witnesses.

Once all the paperwork has been completed, you’ll be given a marriage registration form, which is the document that proves you’ve been authorised to wed.

Some registrars will want you to confirm that the wedding is definitely happening about a month before the ceremony, as well as ask about your chosen readings and music. This is usually done by post.

Dealing with the venue

The registrar will send you some forms that need to be completed by your chosen venue.  As an approved venue, Avon Rí will deal with all the paperwork required to prove that we are licensed to host your wedding.

We want to make sure your wedding day is perfect, which is why we’ve put together this information to what you need to arrange. However, we would always recommend you contact the organisations mentioned above directly if you have any more questions about booking a registrar, etc.

For further information about holding your civil ceremony at Avon Rí, please get in touch with our wedding organiser.